I read an article recently published by a prestigious newspaper, the writer was making an argument against wellness and complained about how trying to be ‘well’ pretty much ruined her life and now it seems to be the case that she is rebelling against this.

I found this sad because for me, the journey to wellness changed my life for the better.  This lady complained about doing 5k runs daily, oil pulling for 20 mins each day, meditating every morning, yoga most evenings, living off only super foods etc, with that version of wellness, yes it does sound exhausting and super expensive…. The truth is, we all instinctively want to live well and deep down, we know how.

We all want to be healthy, we want to laugh more, stress less, eat foods that taste great and make us feel great, play, spend time with loved ones, give love, receive love……

Wellness is so much more than yoga classes at 6am and sipping green juices at brunch.

It's about feeding both the body and soul and feeding them right.

Its about falling in love with the present moment and wanting to live that moment to the fullest.

It's about feeding and treating your body right so you are well enough to play with your kids, so you have enough energy to explore everything life has to offer. This doesn’t have to be 6 am HIIT classes everyday, it could be long walks on the moors, swimming in open lakes or whatever movement works for YOU.

It's about finding your tribe and loving them hard.

It's about realising what your truth is and holding on to it.

It's about eating avocados on toast for breakfast one day and maybe doughnuts the next, and being OK with that.

So wander through life, trial everything it has to offer,  until you find YOUR path to wellness not what a ‘wellness guru’ tells you should be your path, be YOUR wellness guru,  and enjoy every single step of the journey and you know what I guarantee you will find? Happiness, not the I’ve got six pack abs and I only eat plants so my life therefore is happy, no the real kind of happiness that comes from within, the type that doesn’t judge, just pure unadulterated happiness that is here to stay…. And that would be so great because the world could really do with more happy people.

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Post By Nicole Sage