A happier year? Finding more time for yourself? Learning to love yourself? If you're nodding your head to any or all of the three, you've come to the right place. With a new year ahead of us, we're all here trying to turn ourselves into the better version of US. To find out what truly makes ourselves tick, whilst taking on a journey of self discovery and self love. Which by yourself can be no easy feat if you don't know where to start.

Self love and self care were big in 2017. But it's set to be an even bigger staple in all of our lives in 2018. It seems to be a reflection of our lives nowadays and what we want from life. We're always busy rushing from one place to the next, putting undue pressure on ourselves and constantly thinking we can do better. In fact, these traits will do nothing but make ourselves question and devalue ourselves more.

Self love is not an indulgence, it is a necessity. It's the first step to opening your eyes and start living your life. So what is self love?

Self love is taking care of your own wellbeing and happiness. It's about YOU, how you feel and knowing what you think and want. Self love is the first stepping stone to self discovery and knowing what you want from life, and being happy inside your own body.

Self love is often something that is put on the shelf, left, forgotten and something that gets stacked underneath other priorities. But it is that basic requirement that allows you to move up the ladder of your needs and wants in life. It's the key to living well, and well, surviving in the modern day society that we live in.

How To Practice Self Love?

Self love and self care go hand in hand with one another, and the good news is, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it seamlessly into even the most hectic lives.


Being mindful of who you are, rather than what others want from you is step one to self love. How can we become mindful? Whether you take 5 minutes a day to ditch your phone, listen to some calming music and centre your mind or actively start taking part in yoga or meditation classes, the art of clearing and centring your mind is something that can be learnt and nurtured over time. The more you incorporate it into your every day life, the easier it will become, and slowly it will become something you don't even need to find the time to do.

Practicing Self Care

You'll be able to love yourself more if you care for yourself first. Think pamper evenings in by yourself, a good book and a warm bath. Brisk morning walks by the sea to clear your head, baking and good nutrition and having a healthy social life. Creating even one evening a week to practice self care will give you something to look forward to, but will also make you feel better in no time.

Forgive Yourself

We're only human, and holding onto those mistakes and regrets will only do you more harm than good. The past is the past for a reason and in order to live our lives and become the best version of ourselves we need to forget. Cleanse yourself of guilt you feel and remember that we all make mistakes, they're mistakes we learn from, there is no such thing as failure. Seeing these mistakes as things that aren't 'bad' will help us to move past them and accept that we aren't all perfect.

Live In The Moment

Striving for the 'next' thing all the time can have damaging effects on your wellbeing, and well, wishing your life away! Sometimes we don't need to have plans, sometimes the best things fall together when we least expect it. Feel good about yourself in the moment, accept what is currently happening in your life and take everyday as it comes. This constant cycle of wishing for the next exciting event in the calendar leaves a good majority of the year left when we aren't making ourselves feel good. Live in the moment each and everyday and you'll become more grateful for yourself, the world around you and your role within it.

Learn To Say No

We are a generation of saying yes to everything and over committing to please everyone, to try and climb that career ladder quicker, but we need to stop and learn to say no. You need to learn to only say yes to things you really want to do and which won't over stretch you, and no to things that could deprive you of sleep, nutrition, exercise and healthy social interactions. The moment you stop caring what other people think and doing what you want is when your eyes will be opened to how wonderful you are and your life can truly be. Just say no.

These are just a few of our favourite ways to practice self love, but there are so many other ways you can help make it a part of your daily life! Do you make time for practicing self love and self care? Until next time, catch us over on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for plenty more feel good inspiration to help make that journey to wellness an easy one.


Post By Nicole Sage