“The quickest way to lose weight”- One of the most searched for phrases on Google and a question I get asked by a lot of my adult clients.

One of my favourite clients asked me this question again last week.

She was a lady in her late thirties, looking to attend a wedding party in 2 weeks. She was panicked and really anxious. I asked her why she felt she needed to lose weight quickly and she replied – ‘so she could enjoy her party, wear her favourite dress, look amazing and not feel self conscious’.

We went into a super long chat and what became obvious was that, she had this idea that losing 2 stone before her party would make her ‘happy’. This is something I have experienced both personally and with clients. This crazy belief that when you are your ideal weight, you will be happy. This idea has been sold to us by many a dieting company with their ads of slim women with glossy bouncy hair and white perfect teeth, running, laughing, finding the love of their lives and well…..living the perfect life.

In reality, this can not be further from the truth. Not only has dieting been shown to encourage weight gain or even worse, weight cycling, its also been linked to depression and other serious mental illnesses. I mean no one talks about the constant fight you have with the scale to reach your goal weight and how you then struggle to stay there. The battles you have with yourself on a day to day bases, trying to deal with guilt from looking at a donut or not going hard enough at the gym. Cancelling meet ups with friends because you have to be up early to run your daily 6 miles…… the list goes on.

The truth is, I think we are all looking to be healthy. To live a relatively pain free life, to be active enough to enjoy the outdoors, to be conscious enough to enjoy time with friends. To share food and friendship with loved ones , to go to sleep content everynight and to wake up everyday with peace in our souls and gratitude in our hearts.

And here's the thing, you DO NOT NEED TO BE A SIZE WHATEVER to get all of the above. The amazing thing is, you can start getting healthy today. You can start living your best life NOW!!!

Quote by Eckhart tolle is bitter sweet for me but sadly so true- ‘it is not uncommon for people to spend their whole lives waiting to start living’

Honestly, I think this is a very exciting time for US- Chronic yo-yo dieters, ortherexics, body dismorphia sufferers, anorexics, all of us suffering from one form of ED or another. Its like we are finally home,

I feel so ecstatic as I write this.

There is a new movement on the block and its gaining momentum!

They talk about exercising just for pleasure? Eating when ever hungry with no guilt?!!! No calorie or point or syn or macro counting in sight?? Who are these people? What truth are they speaking? and why am I just hearing about them?!!

I honestly hate the word empowered because….well, its been thrown around so much in the past couple of years it doesn’t even mean anything anymore, so I will use freedom.

Having the freedom to make your own choices around food and exercise, no outside force telling you what to do, no outside force setting points or goals etc.

Just you, owning your body, listening to it, becoming more conscious, more awake, more present, more connected to you. You owning your health choices, following your own hunger cues, its so freeing.

The amazing thing about this way of eating and living or more like intuitive way of eating is that it strips all reasons to binge, all reasons to be in your head all the time, it strips off anxiety around food. Which just means more space in your head for anything and everything that makes you happy.

Its amazing how studies are now shifting away from body image to optimal health- mental and physical. Theres a lot of science out there now disproving diets, showing how flawed they are, how they actually are part of the obesity problem, as is the focus on physical apperance.

Even more exciting, well respected experts in these fields are blowing up social media, speaking up more about abandoning the obsession with body size- fat, thin, skinny, curvy…its all almost irrelevant in the journey towards health because if you understand the real meaning of what it is to be healthy, then we all deep down are instinctively searching for optimal health.

And there in lies self growth, self love, self respect.

How does that amazing quote by Nayyirah Waheed go?.... “and I said to my body, softly, ‘I want to be your friend. It took a long breath and replied, ‘I have been waiting my whole life for this.’

A few really good books on this subject- Intuitive eating, Health and Every size, the beauty myth, Selfie- how the west became self obsessed, Body positivity power.

Thank me later :)

Post By Sarah Feeney