Wellness seems to be the buzz word of 2018 and I couldn't be happier for it!

Having said that, what does wellness mean to you?

For us at Bowho, it isn’t just one thing you have to do daily or eat often, it's a powerful state of existence that goes deeper than weight loss and perfect teeth or six pack abs. It's what embodies who we are as human beings.

At a time when over consumerism is rife - extreme workouts, extreme diets, over consumption of social media, shopping addiction/retail therapy (can buying things really be a hobby or a form of therapy? Perhaps only in the 21st century), the pressure to go on at least one ‘holiday’ a year. Wellness seems to be a breath of fresh air, a way to stay grounded, a way to create a healthy balance.

So what is it you ask? The art of being well, like life, it's fluid and very simple if you let it be.

  • Wellness is about taking your mental health as serious as your physical health and respecting the relationship between both.
  • It's about coming into your consciousness, learning to be mindful enough to stay present as often as you can.
  • It's about being selfish (prioritising nourishment of your soul) in order to be self less.
  • It's about really understanding self love, getting to the point were you can open yourself enough to give genuine love to the universe and be open to receive that love back.
  • It's about taking responsibility of your inner space.

In more practical day to day terms it's about;
  • Letting go of negativity.
  • Learning acceptance instead of resistance in some situations.
  • It's about switching off from social media and all the other noises around you by switching on internally.
  • It's about finding 10 mins everyday to listen to your heartbeat and just breathe.
  • It's about enjoying the present moment instead of making it a means to an end.

We have put together a fun 11 day wellness challenge to set you up on your journey!

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Starts 1st of March.

Rules for our 11 days of wellness challenge;

  • Say a positive affirmation to yourself daily (buy our wellness kit or make one up yourself).
  • Make a list of 11 activities that make you happy (available in our kit too!) Commit to doing one of these daily.
  • Take 10 mins each day just for yourself - maybe meditate or say a prayer.
  • Reduce exposure to social media to 30 mins a day or less.
  • Write down at least one thing you are grateful for everyday.
  • Eat more mindfully and if at all helpful write down what you eat.
  • Get 8 hrs of sleep daily.
  • Move for 30 mins for 11 days.

It's as simple as that!

Hope you can join the wellness revolution with us!

Peace and Love xx

Post By Nicole Sage