Halloween and Bonfire night are already a distant memory, and we're already thinking about what Christmas gifts to give our loved ones this year. Our friends and family can often be hard enough to buy for, but throw Vegan limitations into the mix and you're instantly stumped for ideas. All of our products at Bowho Life are vegan friendly for the health conscious individual who cares greatly about the world around them. We recognise that no matter what your dietary requirements are or your lifestyle choices, no one should miss out on great tasting, and delicious treats this Christmas. With plenty to choose from at Bowho, we've put together 10 Christmas gift ideas that any Vegan will love to receive under their Christmas tree this year.

1. Ginger Latte Mix

Our warming and comforting latte mixes are a complete dream when the nights start to draw in. With a subtle kick of ginger and soothing hints of coconut and vanilla, this is the perfect Christmas morning drink that will give you that gentle energy boost without overloading your system with caffeine.

2.Luxury Vegan Shortbread

When we think of Christmas, we think of deliciously indulgent and buttery shortbread. A total classic for the holiday season, vegans or gluten free diets don't need to miss out with our pack of 8 luxury vegan shortbread. The perfect little snack to bring out at the Christmas buffet or wrap up and put under the tree this year.

3.Easy Fudgy Vegan Brownie Mix

Baking in the holidays is a totally nostalgic and traditional thing to do, whether it's gingerbread, Christmas cookies or Christmas cake. Our easy fudgy vegan brownie mix will allow you to whip up a fresh batch of delicious brownies in no time. A lovely gift for a couple to bake together, or for a newly fledged vegan friend that's looking for some tasty treats.

4.Goji and Raspberry Chocolate Bars

Totally gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, our festive topped goji and raspberry chocolate bars are a divine mix of sweet, sour and chewy. Everything you want from an utterly resistible chocolate bar that leaves you wanting more. Beautifully packaged in a Bowho Life box, it makes the perfect gift for someone special.

5.3 Day Juice Cleanse (9 Juices)

Give your loved one the taste of health this Christmas with our 3 day juice cleanse. Perfect for kick starting the January detox when your body is feeling sluggish from all of the Christmas food. A 3 day juice cleanse is easy and tasty with Bowho Life, with 5 different juices to choose from you're sure to find a flavour that you know will be loved.

6.Just Granola

For those mornings when you deserve better than a bowl of porridge, our Just Granola is the perfect treat! Coconut based, this tropical treat will instantly transform breakfast time. Did we mention it's also gluten free and vegan friendly?

7.Samai Plantain Chips

Whether you're looking to solve the Christmas gifting conundrum for a vegan, gluten free diet or other it's not always easy finding suitable snacks and new treats to indulge in. Samai Plantain Chips have a tropical taste sensation that are made for guilt free snacking. A crunchy treat that is perfect for that additional stocking filler extra!

8.Cookie Dough Bliss Bites

Cookie dough like your mama used to make! No one will be able to resist the sweet, yet healthy taste of these cookie dough bliss bites. The perfect alternative to sugar laden treats, they're great for a post workout snack or as a mid morning pick me up.

9.Cookies - The Collection

Rich in flavour and taste, our cookies - the collection is perfect for a cookie fiend! The collection includes are much loved ginger cookies, coconut and cashew cookies, oat and cranberry cookies and more! The cookies come beautifully wrapped in a Bowho Life box, perfect for putting straight under the Christmas tree!

10.Chai Latte Mix

A perfect choice for a Vegan friend who might be wanting to kick their caffeine habit in the new year, or for someone who's maybe never tried or benefited from this delicious blend. Steeped in history and renown for its health benefits, our latte mix if full of flavour and indulgent spices. A Guilt free drink that you won't be able to get enough of!

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Post By Nicole Sage