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Hi, and thank you for visiting Bowho life.

I’m Sarah, a wannabe hippie and a wellness enthusiast, this is my story.

7 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. The drugs given to him to mask the pain, left him with symptoms of the condition and side effects that made day to day living pretty unbearable. 

At the very same time, I had just had a baby and the demons of my eating disorder reared their ugly heads again. It felt like western medicine had failed us and we sought to find whatever options were out there that could maybe heal us, or point us to the direction of health.

I'm finding ways to heal my husband, I found healing myself. 6 years on I learnt:

  • The Journey to wellness is a never ending one
  • Disease can manifest in the body or the mind, and can spread across both
  • Disease mostly manifests from the weakest part of our body and affects the whole body and mind too
  • The Journey to wellness isn’t linear, it wasn't a 30 day or 90 day nutrition and exercise programme/cleanse for us, it was a series of consistent efforts to do better and be better than we were the day before
  • Our journey is unique, personal and different
  • And the most important bit of all, healing encompasses body, mind and soul

This is really what Bowho Life is about, it's our personal health journey that we would love to share with you. It provides easy access to good foods, healthier treats with less chemicals and other nasties that nourish the body and soul. They're all created from personal recipes that have stood the test of time, are household favourites and have been approved by my family, friends and customers in my little café in Devon. 

The purpose of a lot of our products like the wellness survival kit and the mantra bracelets is to offer empowering and positive messages, mantras that help to heal the mind whilst creating a positive nurturing mental environment for peace, love and real health to grow.

The idea is to deliver all this in an easily accessible way that hopefully can be drawn upon daily and in the fullness of time my ultimate dream is to create a community of wellness students and teachers…. A space to find support, comfort, information and maybe inspiration. The kind my husband and I found very valuable in our time of need. 

My husband has remained drug free for over 5 years now and is thriving, he isn’t miraculously healed, but he is in a much better place than he was with medication, both mentally and physically. He has more pain free days than he does sick days, sometimes he forgets he has the condition, which for us, is an amazing miracle in itself. 

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